My name is Mikeera and I’m a Canadian lady, born and raised. I’m currently on a journey to reclaim my power, strengthen my faith, and improve my mental wellness by tackling my depression, anxiety and PTSD head on. My hope is that through my openness, honesty and vulnerability, you will find inspiration to keep going on this journey called life and unearth your power. ⁣

My prayer is to be one more voice in the world fighting to end mental illness stigma by normalizing what so many of us go through in silence. ⁣

This journey won’t always be pretty, but God has put this passion on my heart and so I’m stepping out in faith to share this part of me with you. ⁣

I’m so thankful that you’ve chosen to come along on this adventure with me as I step in to being who I was created to be.⁣

⁣Happy Reading!